Leave Your Spandex at the Door!

A young justice role-play group designed for our heroes in their everyday civvies! All RPers must interact as if they were everyday citizens like wally west and artemis crock or dick grayson and barbara gordon. We are not exclusive in who we RP with. This group interacts with any other Rpers or RL accounts that the individual rpers want to. we will post anything in relation to this that you submit as long as it complies with our rules.

Who is taken and who is not?

-Gotham Academy [Private School]-
Dick Grayson: http://twitter.com/Mathlete_Dick
Artemis Crock: http://twitter.com/GodessoftheHunt
Barabra Gordon: http://twitter.com/Gothams_Red
Bette Kane: http://twitter.com/Gothams_Blonde

-Gotham North High [Public School]-
Zatanna Zatara: http://twitter.com/Zantanna_Zap

-Happy Harbor High-
Connor Kent: https://twitter.com/KRBO4
Megan Morse: http://twitter.com/CheeringMegan
Wendy Harris: http://twitter.com/HHHWendyHarris
Marvin White: http://twitter.com/BatmanRocks01
Karen Beecher: http://twitter.com/HeadBumblebee

-Central City High-
Wally West: http://twitter.com/ThatScienceKid

-Justice League+ Secret Ids-
Clark Kent: http://twitter.com/KentLegacy
Bruce Wayne: http://twitter.com/WayneTechGotham
Barry Allen: http://twitter.com/The_xScientist
Oliver Queen: http://twitter.com/UncleOllieQueen
Billy Batson: http://twitter.com/Batson_kid
Dinah Lance: http://twitter.com/PrettyBirdDinah
Roy Harper: http://twitter.com/TheIndianGinger

Alfred Pennyworth: http://twitter.com/CodeName_Butler
Iris West-Allen: http://twitter.com/CentralReporter

Jade Nguyen: http://twitter.com/Jaded_Kitten_
[Taking Applications]

-Happy Harbor High-
Mal Duncan
Lucas Carr (teacher)

Jay Garrick
Alan Scott
John Jones
John Smith
James Harper
Nathaniel C. Adams
Giovani Zatara

Amanda Spence
Cat Grant
Paula Crock
Uncle Dudley
Joan Garrick
Perry White
Lois Lane
Jimmy Olsen
Hamilton Hill
Mary West
Rudolph West

Lawrence Crock
Brom Stikk
Lex Luthor
Hugo Strange
Ra’s Al Ghul
Talia Al Ghul

If you would like to suggest one I’ve forgotten, please do! Remember: Secret IDs only and only characters that have appeared at least once on Young Justice. If it is a background character, you must provide sufficient evidence that the background character is a cameo of who you say it is (though we’re really going to be pretty lenient on that rule, I think!)